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What happens in a Dance. Feel Great. Dance Fitness session?

1. Everyone enters the studio (water bottle in hand!)

2. We get straight into a warm up to a different song each week (always a favourite tune!)

3. We then do 5 or 6 routines. To help you pick up the routines quickly, I will teach you different sections beforehand and make sure everyone has a rough idea. Before too long, we are ready for the music (a good variety of fun / cheesy / R n' B / 60's/70's/80's/90's/00's and current POP)

4. The final five minutes is a cool down to slower music 


The time flies by. We are an enthusiastic, supportive group of non-expert dancers (total beginners welcome too) who want a fun way to exercise. The music is loud and the vibe is 100% positive. Come along and try it out! You will leave feeling GREAT!

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